Aug 20, 2017 

     K0AJB - Kevin: Drake TR4 or similar.  Contact: 507-316-5685

​     ​​

Aug 6, 2017

     KC0QDG - Phil: TenTec 277 tuner $100,  Palstar BT-1500A ladder line only 1500W $475,  Johnson Viking II was working is good looking $100 & 1 for parts, Heath kit phone patch HD-15 MBO, Heathkit HG-10B ext vfo $65.  Contact:402-490-2168 or good on QRZ 

3900 Club Area Hamfest & Flea Market Information


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8/26Brewster MN08:00


Info at or

Your info may be submitted 60 days prior to event date.  

Contact Tom - WDØBFO at

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Aug 13, 2017

     KC0QDG - Phil: Kenwood Twins, T-599D transmitter and R-599 receiver.  Has the connection cables and is in decent cosmetic condition, $325.  Hammerlund 170A receiver, not a beauty and needs TLC, $100. 

Contact: 402-490-2168 or Email good on QRZ


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Aug 20, 2017

     K0AJB - Kevin: Gap Tition vertical. all rebuilt $200.00  6 Meter beam M-Squared 7 element beam $350.00  2 CDE 44 rotors with mounting plates $150.00 for all.  Contact: 507-316-5685

     WA0VRC - Bob: Collins 30L1 amp, round emblem, full power, wired 110v $600 & rather not ship.  

Contact:651-764-4788 or email good on qrz

3900 Club

June 25 2017 

      N0GVK -- Curt:  Ameritron ALS600 amp.

Join in Sundays @ 07:45 CST around 3.8975 Mhz +/- QRM

July 30, 2017

     KC0QDG - Phil: Heathkit SB100, physically looks good but unknown working condition, $75;
Parts radios only, HW16, DX60A, HX20.  Make offer.  
Contact:l 402-490-2168.
     W0DBW - Derek: MFJ 989C 3KW roller inductor tuner with built-in balun.  Also has balanced line inputs, 
$185 OBO.  Contact: call or text (preferred) 402-403-9662.


July 9, 2017 

      WA0JRM - Gary:  Galaxy LA-550 amp with power supply, matches the GT-550 series Galaxy radios, Soft tubes ok but front panel must be good; Galaxy SC-530 speaker for Galaxy 530; WRL Dualbander II, or a parts radio with a good front panel.  Power supply also if available; DX-160 Bandspread Knob.  Contact:816-392-5180 or email

​     ​​

July 23, 2017

     KC0QDG -- Phil: Central Electronics 458 VFO $160, Central Electronics 20A transmitter $100, Icom IC-2200H $90,    All items plus shipping. Contact: 402-490-2168 or good on QRZ

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July 16, 2017

     KA0VEU - Steve:  Hustler 20m resonator and various Hustler parts.  Contact: 402-741-1742 or or call