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7/8St Charles Parish Ctr 8th & Locust, North Bend, NE09:00-12:30Pioneer ARC
Contact web site: www.k0jfn.com
7/15Marlins Truck Stop09:00-12:00Sioux Empire ARC
Contact: www.w0zwy.org

Your info may be submitted 60 days prior to event date.  

Contact Tom - WDØBFO at wd0bfo@gmail.com

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June 25, 2017

    WD0BFO -- Tom: Comet CHA 250B Broadband GP Vertical 80-6.  Very clean like new.  $175 or best offer.  Will consider trade.  Due to size would prefer not to ship.  Contact: 402-990-5135 or wd0bfo@gmail.com

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April 30, 2017

     N0HAN - Mick: Heathkit HA-10 "Warrior" desktop kilowatt amp use's (4) 811 tubes a good looker, no serious dents or scratches, very heavy 110 volts $275 OBO,  M-2 KT-34 HF beam newer plastic caps & hard ware etc partially broken down and every thing is marked $175.  Hustler 5BTV new in box with tilt over mount 80-10 $75, QTH Belle Plain IA.  Contact: webermick@yahoo.com

   W0FWF - Carl:  National NC-300 Receiver.  Good Shape.  $200.00  319-277-2435

   WA9KMB - Kurt:  Kenwood TS-520 Great shape.  Needs alignment.  $200.00  715-748-3147

May 21, 2017

     W0DBW - Derek:  Tektronics 495P Spectrum Anaylizer, 100hz -1.8ghz $1100;  (2) Icom IC-746 HF-2m transceivers, #1) In excellent condition, with 3 filters, $650, #2) physically in good condition but has problems with AM/FM but SSB works fine.  Asking $350;  IC-745, $300.  Call or text 402-297-4406 or 402-403-9662.

      AC0DN - Chris:  Drake TR-4C transceiver with RV-3 remote VFO.  Sold as a pair as the VFO powers the TR-4C. Everything works as it should, comes with a nice reprinted manual.  NO MIC supplied, so get your own!  $500;  MFJ 982 Versa Tuner IV 3Kw series antenna tuner.  Looks like an old rebranded Dentron tuner, well built, repainted by previous owner.  No manual and MFJ says it doesn't exist, but it does.  $75;  NC-300 National receiver, ham bands only, no manual.  I've modified the AGC circuit for  better SSB listening but still really loans itself to AM.  LED lights, fun receiver.  $175.  Obviously, shipping negotiable, no guarantees due to age.

Contact: 402-910-3044 or Email AC0DN@yahoo.com

June 11, 2017

     WB0PAY -- Jerry: Nice Kenwood TS-520 HF Transceiver, looks and works great, This would be an excellent starter radio, or nice addition to someone who would like one of the great classic transceivers.  I prefer pickup or would meet/deliver a reasonable distance from Sioux City. $175.00  Contact: 712-898-2639 or email: guns403@hotmail.com


June 4, 2017 

      WA0JRM - Gary:  Galaxy LA-550 amp with power supply, matches the GT-550 series Galaxy radios, Soft tubes ok but front panel must be good; Galaxy SC-530 speaker for Galaxy 530; WRL Dualbander II, or a parts radio with a good front panel.  Power supply also if available; DX-160 Bandspread Knob.  Contact:816-392-5180 or email wa0jrm@yahoo.com.

June 18, 2017 

      WB0F - Jim:  Heathkit SSB Select Knob.  Contact: 507-248-3146 or email: wb0f@yahoo.com.

      N0GMH - Larry:  Manual for Redco RFC-250 frequency counter.  and Swan SW100 series top/bottom covers & meter.  A parts radio would do.  Contact: 641-344-8833 or email: ljschad@windstream.net​​

June 25 2017 

      N0GVK -- Curt:  Ameritron ALS600 amp.  Contact:n0gvk@juno.com

Join in Sundays @ 07:45 CST around 3.8975 Mhz +/- QRM

May 21, 2017 

    WB0HUY - Mark: 146.94 receive crystal for Heath HW 202 2 meter mobile. I think that many of the older 2 meter crystal rigs used the same one.  IE, Regency HR 2, Drake etc.  Maybe a real bad parts rig.  Contact: wb0huy@arrl.net

May 28, 2017

     KA0ZLX -- Gaylord: (1) Yaesu FTDX400. Great Condition but blown fuse. Asking $100 pick up in Dayton IA.  Also have the matching speaker for the FTDX400 for $75 and the matching amp (bad relay) as is for $100.

Contact: 774-5639518 or 402-317-0831

3900 Club

June 4, 2017

     K0LLB - Butch: Alpha 374A amplifier.  In excellent condition.  It has a couple of small scratches on the cabinet but nothing major.  It uses two 8874 ceramic tubes that were new a few years ago and still have full output.  You can either manually tune it or use the bandpass tuning which eliminates having to manually tune when you change frequency or change bands.  It’s set up right now for 110 volts but can be changed to 220 volts very easily.  It covers 160 thru 10 meters because it has the 10 meter mod installed.  It comes with the original manual.  Asking $1,100 or best offer.  The specs on it are 2.5 KW  PEP/SSB Input power.  80 to 100 watts will give you aprox 1 KW output.  It weighs 65 lbs so it will be for local pick up or we can meet a reasonable distance from Omaha.  
Contact: (402)305-5719 or email: k0llb@arrl.net

     K0ELJ - Ernie:  High Sierra screwdriver antenna with Turbo Tuner controller.  Plug & Play for IC-706 and other radios.  Looks to be new or very close to new.  Asking $250 plus shipping.  Contact: 319-987-2708.


May 7, 2017 

     WB0TSR - Dave: Hallicrafters PS150-120 power supply.  This is the power supply for the HT-44.  Contact: 605-693-5873 or Email:  wb0tsr@arrl.net

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May 7, 2017

     K0NHV - Nick: Several new Radio Shack 19 Amp switching power supplies.  Asking $30 each, prefer not to ship.  Contact: 402-505-2169 or email is good on QRZ.

     KD0YX - Tim: Rare WRL Galaxy 300 HF with AC and DC Supplies.   100% Complete, not DOA and is all original but will need cosmetic and electrical restoration.  Asking $275 on a pick up basis or might be able to arrange some kind of meeting.  Contact: 701-361-5856 in Rapid City, SD Email: Good on QRZ and pics are available for the asking. ​​

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