Oct 8, 2017

     ​WY0E - Randy:  Vintage mic new in the box, D104 $45 plus shipping.  Contact:515-302-1609 or wy0e@gmail

     KC0QDG - Phil: Parts rigs as follow Halicrafter SX71, Johnson Valiant & Viking II, Heathkit HW16,DX68 & HX20.  MBO or this will be land fill material.  Contact:402-490-2168 or good on QRZ

     KA0VEU - Steve: 2 vintage Instructo graphs (CW teaching devices) 1 is electric & 1 is crank version $40 or MBO.  Contact: 402-741-1742 or good on QRZ

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The classified ad postings below are listed chronologically, with the most recent first, and will remain for a maximum of 60 days. PLEASE let us know when your item sells so the listing can be removed!   
Additions, deletions, or corrections can be e-mailed to Tom WDØBFO@gmail.com and will be posted within 24 hrs. of verification of the source.   Listings via net check-ins are preferable,  please limit them to four (4) items, plus accessories, per week.  If you cannot check into the net on Sunday morning, you may send your listing to TRADERNET@3900CLUB.COM and WDØBFO - Tom, KAØO - Doug will see that it is put on the air and reported for posting here on the web site.

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Oct 8, 2017 

      WA0VRC - Bob: Halicrafter SR400A he has SR500A parts rig available if your interested.  Contact: 651-764-4788

Oct 1, 2017

     W9QI - Tom: 2 ham rotors & controls (Ham2 with cd metal control box) & (Ham4 with plastic newer box has brake delay added and cleaned. Needs wire connector added and bell needs to be indexed.  $100 each or $175 for both plus shipping.  Contact: 309-796-0422 or email w9qi@arrl.net

Oct 15, 2017 

      WA0VRC - Bob: Halicrafter SR400A he has SR500A parts rig available if your interested.  or Swan 700cx no basket cases.  Contact: 651-764-4788

     N0GVK - Curt: Used ALS600 or AL811.  Contact: 402-770-5501  n0gvk@juno.com 

Oct 15, 2017

     WB9LEF - Tom: Tower, Beam antenna, and rotor system.  Contact Dex W0DH email: dexnjan@charter.net
The tower is a 60' Rhone BX, beam is Hy-Gain tri-bander, rotor is Yaesu with controller.   Tom says he won't give it away, but would like to sell it.  Buyer would have to take it down.   It's on a hinged base. At one time it all belonged to Dale Westgate. All in excellent condition.  

     N0HAN - Mick: Collins S1. J4 General coverage receiver new front end all 3 filters $250 or trade, Yaesu FTM-350 2mtr 220 440 mobile $200 or trade.   Contact: 319-444-7053 or email: webermick@yahoo.com

     W0FJR - Rich: 2 Heathkit DX 100 Transmitters one is parts rig no tubes, Good tubes in the other one and fires up. Have not had it on the air, Needs some TLC. $150 Also have a beautiful condition NC 183 Receiver, New tubes and re-Capped. $180.  NW of Mpls  Contact: 763-219-2942 or good on QRZ.

     KB9EX - Ken: Icom ICR3 hand held RX Broadcast to 2G have box,charger, case $160, MC50T RX all drawers but 1 $225.  Will meet resonable distance or add shipping.  Contact: 262-374-0085

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Sept 24, 2017

      AC0DN - Chris: Drake TR-4C and RV-3 Remote VFO to power the radio, with manual, radio looks great, works fine, RV-3 not as nice but functions fine $275 or make offer.   Icom IC765, HM12 hand mic, auto tuner, mod for IF shift/band pass tuning.  No built in power supply, no manual, no optional filters. Astron 20a available at additional cost  $375 or make offer.  Astron 20a power supply, works fine $35  National NC300 RX $125  
Contact: 402-910-3044 or ac0dn@yahoo.com

     KC0PMF - Dennis: D104 Silver Eagle, asking $95.  Call 507-820-2033 or email good on QRZ.

Sept 3, 2017

     WB0PAY - Jerry: Kenwood TS440 SAT transceiver with factory installed internal antenna tuner, and original manual. 100 Watt HF including WARC Bands, and general coverage receive. $375, I might ship.  Ten Tec OMNI V With all optional filters,with N4PY upgrade processor, matching speaker/power supply, 705 Desk mic & Original manual, A beautiful radio, 100 watt HF Transceiver One the best Ten Tec ever made. see EHam Reviews $450.  All items prefer pickup (South Sioux City NE or will deliver/meet reasonable distance. Contact: 712-898-2639

     KC0QDG - Phil: Heathkit manuals (50) email and inquire on what you want.  

Contact: 402-490-2168 or good on QRZ 

     W0DBW - Derek: Icom IC745 exceltnt condition $355 or MBO.  Contact: prefer text will take voice: 402-403-9662
     K0VWW - Brian: TS570D $550, Advance Electronic AT300 tuner 300W $55.  Contact:  712-870-8448

3900 Club

Oct 1, 2017 

      W5LN - Dale: Rohn 20 tower a top section and (2) 10 sections something within a hundred miles from Kansas City, MO  Contact: 816-260-2988 or email w5ln@att.net


Join in Sundays @ 07:45 CST around 3.8975 Mhz +/- QRM

Sept 17, 2017 

      N0GVK - Curt:  ALS600 or AL811 Contact: 402-770-5501 or n0gvk@juno.com

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<<>><<>><<>><<>>  WANTED <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>

Aug 27, 2017

     N0AMI - Jim: Glen Martin H4 HAZER fits Rohn 20/25G towers $350.00.  Contact: 641-455-4580 or email n0ami@yahoo.com

     KC0QDG - Phil: Electrovoice 605 microphone, $50; Dow Key 78-3 and a Waters 375 coax switches, $40 for the pair.  Contact:402-490-2168 or email: prmjmc@hotmail.com

     K0AJB - Kevin:  Ameritron AL1500 amplifier,  $1500.  Contact: 507-316-5685

     KD0YX - Tim: Brand New in the Box ORIGINAL Hy-Gain Explorer 14 With BN 86 Balun $375.   These are cash-n-carry pricings in Rapid City, SD We may be able to arrange a meeting in ND, SD, NE, WY or CO.   High Res Pics available upon request at kd0yx@hotmail.com  Call/text me at 701-361-5856

     KB0EIM - Joe:  HM-102 meter for $20; Johnson low pass filter $5; Heathkit speaker $5;  HW-101, Receives but will not transmit, asking $20  Contact: 515-288-3402

     W0DBW - Derek: Hy-Gain Tailtwister rotor, $350 OBO; MFJ989C Versa Tuner V, 3 kw roller inductor tuner, $185.  Contact: Text preferred 402-403-9662


Oct 22, 2017

     KD0YX - Tim: For Sale or Trade 2 Late Model HF Rigs, #1 Near Mint Icom 756Pro II with all the factory stuff #2 Ultra Nice Kenwood TS590S with TXCO also with all factory stuff minus the box and packing. Asking $750 for the Icom and $650 for the Kenwood or possible trade plus cash for an FTDX 3000, IC 7600 or the like. These are available on a cash-n-carry basis in Rapid City, SD but would consider a meeting. I have a full sets of pictures.

Contact: 701-361-5856 or email kd0yx@hotmail.com 

3900 Club Area Hamfest & Flea Market Information


Sponsor / Contact
11/4/17Norfolk, NE9-2Northeast Nebraska Hamfest
Admission $5.00  Tables: $10.00
Location: CHC Hall  105 West Elm Avenue  Information Fred Wiebelhaus, K0FJW  fwiebelhaus@cableone.net

Your info may be submitted 60 days prior to event date.  

Contact Tom - WDØBFO at wd0bfo@gmail.com

Sept 24, 2017 

      WA0JRM - Gary:  Original matching mic for the Heathkit "Lunch Box", Two'er or Six'er.  These were small and marked "Turner".  Most were swapped out for a better quality mic so hopefully someone has one laying in the junk pile.  They also made the CB-1 and I think it also came with the same mic. 

Galaxy LA-550 amp with power supply, matches the GT-550 series Galaxy radios, Soft tubes ok but front panel must be good; Galaxy SC-530 speaker for Galaxy 530; WRL Dualbander II, or a parts radio with a good front panel.  Power supply also if available; DX-160 Bandspread Knob.  Contact:816-392-5180 or email wa0jrm@yahoo.com.

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