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3900 Club Area Hamfest & Flea Market Information


Sponsor / Contact
5/13/17Boone, IA08:003900 Club
Hamboree 2017 - See page this web site

5/13/17Hastings, NE08:00Hastings ARC Bart KB0HAW
Midwest Radio Show     http://greatermidwestradio.org

6/10/17Creston, IA
KA0MHJ 641-745-5501 email dwelsch@gmail.com

SWIARA Swap Meet @ Creston Early Childhood Development Gym  901 N Elm St. Creston, IA   WEB: swiara.com  

Sponsor South West IA Amateur Radio Association  

Talk in 146.79 - input PL 136.5

Your info may be submitted 60 days prior to event date.  

Contact Tom - WDØBFO at wd0bfo@cox.net.

March 19, 2017

     W0DBW - Derek: Ameritron ALS-1300 amplifier with matching power supply excellent cond $1750 OBO, Icom IC-756 Pro III HF/6m competition class transceiver excellent cond $1400 OBO.   Contact: voice or txt 402-403-9662

     K0LLB - Butch:  MFJ Versa tuner 2 941EK cross needle display, wall wart missing, tunes any feed line and have manual and original box $95.  MFJ 260C 300 dry dummy load like new original box and manual $25.  Both items plus shipping or pickup in Omaha or somewhere between.  Contact: 402-305-5719  k0llb@arrl.net


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April 16, 2017

     N0ORU - Steve: Yaesu FT840 $300, Kenwood TS430 $300,  Galaxy stuff (3 radios, Power Supply, Cabinet with equip probably RTTY) $200 takes all.  Contact: 712-250-0600 or n0oru@arrl.net

     K0CY -    Bob: MFJ 998 Inteala tuner 1500W $360 Contact: k0cy@arrl.net


April 23, 2017

     K0ELJ - Ernie: 50 foot American Tower, 4-10' sections, 1- 10' taper.  Asking $100.  Contact: 319-987-2708

April 23 2017 

     KE0IMP - Looking for variable capacitors for a mag loop antenna project. Contact: 913-370-1891 or

                       email:  wadebmadden@yahoo.com

Join in Sundays @ 07:45 CST around 3.8975 Mhz +/- QRM

March 5, 2017

     W0DBW - Derek: KDK 2M FM mobile with tone cabability $70.  Contact: 402-403-9662

March 26, 2017

     KCOQDG - Phil: 2 Vintage ARRL Handbooks, one from 1944 and one from 1945.  Both for $10 and shipping.  

Contact: 402-490-2168.

April 2, 2017

     W9QI - Tom: Kenwood TS830S has Gold label, hand Mic, Power Cord.  Not mint but in very good shape.  $500.00.  Yaesu FT101E with AM filter.  Comes with hand mic and power cord.  This radio has not been abused by a CB'er.  Again not mint but in very good shape.  $500.00  It may be possible to be delivered to Hamboree 2017, talk to Tom QI.   Contact: 309-796-0422 or email: w9qi@arrl.net


April 16, 2017 

     N0GMH - Larry:  SBE33 Tuning knob, Robin egg blue in color.  

                                   Swan SW120 top/bottom covers & meter.  Parts radio would do.

                                   Contact: 641 344 8833 or email: ljschad@windstream.net  

     K2OPT -  John: AMP for 160 can be home brew no problem.  Will swap collins receiver & HP test equipment volt meter, Signal                            Generator.   Contact:  507-689-0393 or k2opt@arrl.net

<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>  WANTED <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>

March 12, 2017

     KAØVEU - Steve: Astron RS-12A 12 amp power supply, $30.00 located in Albion NE.  Contact: 402-741-1742, good in QRZ.com

     WY0E - Randy: Icom IC730 10-80M includes WARC bands but not 160M 9 out of 10 not bad and operates well, MC6 desk mic. $250 plus shipping.  Contact: 515-302-1609 or wy0e0499@gmail.com


April 30, 2017

     N0HAN - Mick: Heathkit HA-10 "Warrior" desktop kilowatt amp use's (4) 811 tubes a good looker, no serious dents or scratches, very heavy 110 volts $275 OBO,  M-2 KT-34 HF beam newer plastic caps & hard ware etc partially broken down and every thing is marked $175.  Hustler 5BTV new in box with tilt over mount 80-10 $75, QTH Belle Plain IA.  Contact: webermick@yahoo.com

     KA0JWC - Scott: Estate sale for WB0GGM (sk).  May 6th in Montgomery.  Lots of amateur radio equipment begins 9:30 am.  Check QRZ page for WB0GGM for the address.  Also see listing on www.nlrs.org.

     W0FWF - Carl:  National NC-300 Receiver.  Good Shape.  $200.00  319-277-2435

     WA9KMB - Kurt:  Kenwood TS-520 Great shape.  Needs alignment.  $200.00  715-748-3147

April 9, 2017 

     KC0QDG - Phil:  Want HyGain 5 (CB radio)to convert to 10 meters.  Would prefer the one with the external VFO.  Contact: 402-490-2168 or Email good on QRZ

WB0HUY - Mark: 146.94 receive crystal for Heath HW 202 2 meter mobile. I think that many of the older 2 meter crystal rigs used the same one.  IE, Regency HR 2, Drake etc.  Maybe a real bad parts rig.  Contact: wb0huy@arrl.net

WB0TSR - Dave: Hallicrafters PS150-120 power supply.  This is the power supply for the HT-44.  Contacty: 605-693-5873 or Email:  wb0tsr@arrl.net

3900 Club

March 26, 2017 

     WB0BIK - Jim: Want Kenwood SP-230 speaker, matches the Kenwood TS-830S radio.  Also would like the MS-220 monitor scope.  Contact: 402-680-2424 or Email:  JLedham3@cox.net or call 

April 9, 2017

     K0LLB - Butch: Alpha 374A amplifier.  In excellent condition.  It has a couple of small scratches on the cabinet but nothing major.  It uses two 8874 ceramic tubes that were new a few years ago and still have full output.  You can either manually tune it or use the bandpass tuning which eliminates having to manually tune when you change frequency or change bands.  It’s set up right now for 110 volts but can be changed to 220 volts very easily.  It covers 160 thru 10 meters because it has the 10 meter mod installed.  It comes with the original manual.  Asking $1,100 or best offer.  The specs on it are 2.5 KW  PEP/SSB Input power.  80 to 100 watts will give you aprox 1 KW output.  It weighs 65 lbs so it will be for local pick up or we can meet a reasonable distance from Omaha.  
Contact: (402)305-5719 or email: k0llb@arrl.net