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Note: These are just samples.  Yours will have your Call & Member #.  If you have another design sketch it out and send it.  Remember the more you put on it though the small the print will be and it is only a 2.25" pin.

3900 Club

You say the 4th Sunday each month is not enough vintage to get your fix on?  Well you of course you could check in every week with vintage and that is ok too.  But you say you have questions and don't want to bring them to the 3900 Club sessions.  Well have we got what you need.  Every Saturday morning on 3.977 +/- is the Unnamed Vintage net hosted by ACØDN & ACØOM.  Its a perfect place to show off your work or ask questions.  People with all different models check in.  To try it out.


If you want a pin just supply the information requested and send it along with $4.  If you have your own design and want to know what it would look like I can try it and then print to paper and email you for approval.  Don't make it to intricate :)

     You may notice that not all the item that were on the other site are on this one.   That is because they were either outdated or they were links to items on my page which are now incorporated with these pages, like the members gallery.  If you notice something missing that you feel should have stayed just drop a note and I will look into it, thanks & 73 Tom WDØBFO #9Ø6

Note: This statement will be removed about Jan 20, 2017.