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Welcome to the home of the 3900 Club's online swap shop.

Listen in Sundays - 8:00 A.M. Central - around 3897 Khz to be first in line for these items!

Disclaimer: Because the information posted on this page is furnished to us by outside sources, neither the 3900 Club, nor its webmistress, will be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions, or misrepresentations of the merchandise listed for sale or trade, or for dates, times & places of events listed.


VE Test Schedule Dates
Walk-ins are welcome but a phone call is preferred.
Come early to fill out your 605 forms, bring 2 ID's, your original license, plus a copy, or your CSCE certificate, plus a copy of it to send in with your 605B form.
The new ARRL test fee is in effect -- $15.
Contacts for further information & forms are shown below.

S.A.R.A. - American Red Cross Bldg., 4200 War Eagle Dr., Sioux City IA

For the Year 2015 - Fridays at 6:30 P.M. (exceptions noted)

January 30th
March 13th
May 1st
June 19th
August 14th
October 9th
November 27th
Contact: Gary Johnson - WYV - by phone at 712-898-7631, or e-mail at wy0v@msn.com

B.A.R.K. - Boone County Hospital, 1015 Union St.
(meeting room behind cafeteria), Boone IA

For the Year 2014 - Saturdays at 9:00 A.M. (exceptions noted)

February 14th
April 11th - Boone Co. Fairgrounds @ Hamboree 2015
June 13th
August 8th
October 10th
December 12th
Contact: Steve Huffman - NNEU - by phone at 515-432-4006, or e-mail at n0neu@opencominc.com


The classified ad postings below are listed chronologically, with the most recent first, and will remain for a maximum of 60 days. PLEASE let us know when your item sells so the listing can be removed! Additions, deletions, or corrections can be e-mailed to T&S and will be posted within 24 hrs. of verification of the source.

Listings via net check-ins are preferrable; please limit them to four items, plus accessories, per week. If you cannot check into the net on Sunday morning, you may send your listing to KAO - Doug - at ka0o@cox.net, or his callbook address, or phone him at 402-630-0744; also to WDBFO - Tom - at wd0bfo@cox.net or his cell phone at 402-990-5135. It will be read on the air, and then it will be posted here.



January 25, 2015

WBHHM - Ray: Palomar Engineers PT-2500A antenna tuner, 160 - 10 meters, 2000 watts, very heavy duty with balun built in, has built-in noise bridge that is used as a method of tuning without transmitting, $175.00; Johnson KW Matchbox, $175.00; prices are for pick up in Sioux Falls SD; prefer not to ship. Contact wb0hhm@yahoo.com

David Gustin: Recently purchased property in Albert City, Iowa, that was abandoned by the Evertek Company, housing a 100' guy-wired, commercial grade, 24" face tower that separates into 20' sections for transport; I have no need of it; my cost to take it down is roughly $1000; am hoping to sell for same amount or less if I don't have to do the disassembly. Call 712-363-3025 or e-mail at gustinrepair@gmail.com

WJLG - Jim: HEATHKIT -- SB-401 & SB-303 twins with extra SB-303 receiver, SB-600 speaker, SB-650 frequency display, need some work & cleaning, all tubes good, $150.00; SB-102 transceiver (needs some work & cleaning, all tubes good), SB-600 speaker & power supply, working SB-630 station console, $100.00; DRAKE -- TR-7 transceiver with PS-7 power supply, MS-7 speaker & Drake mike, all in very good condition, $600.00; T4XB & R4B twins with matching Drake speaker, very clean & work well, $400.00; MN-4C antenna tuner, 300 watt max, very nice shape, $75.00. Phone 402-393-0821

KDYX - Tim: Near mint & fully functional Hickok 533 bench style deluxe tube tester, all the original documentation as well as the factory illumination lamp (very rare option), $275.00 picked up in Rapid City, SD; mint Hickok 209A giant bench VTVM, $175.00; mint Hickok 288X signal generator, $75.00. For a full set of high resolution pics, call 701-361-5856 or e-mail at kd0yx@hotmail.com

NGVK - Curt: GE UHF repeater with duplexer & controller, $400.00; Dentron Clipperton L amp, 160-15, original tubes, works & looks good, $500.00 picked up, prefer not to ship. Phone 402-580-6985 or e-mail n0gvk@arrl.net

January 18, 2015

NDQS - Gene: Palstar AT1KM tuner, clean, works well, $300.00; Yaesu FT-857 transceiver with box & manual, $600.00; prices are plus shipping. Call 712-269-1547 or e-mail good on QRZ.com

January 11, 2015

WAVRC - Bob: Galaxy V MRK III transceiver with power supply, $150.00; TenTec Omni V transceiver with 2-9mhz, NB, SSB filters, no power supply, $450.00; LP-PAN pan adapter with power connector, $100.00; Collins KWM-2A Round Emblem transceiver with PS-2 power supply, $1000.00 plus shipping. Call 651-764-4788 or e-mail bkemp@bobkemp.com

January 4, 2015

NWFO - Randy: Atlas 210X mobile transceiver with mounting bracket & mic, 10-80m, works good, includes docking power supply which does not work, but radio produces full power when mobile or used on a regular external power supply, $200.00 plus shiping. E-mail hamn0wfo@gmail.com

December 21, 2014

KNHV - Nick: Laptops, great addition to hamshack, Windows or Linux OS, all in good working order, $80.00 - $100.00, local pickup in Council Bluffs IA only. Call 402-505-2169 or e-mail good on QRZ.com

December 14, 2014

WDBFO - Tom: Icom IC-251A 10W 2M all mode transceiver, meter sticks but otherwise seems to work fine, $150.00 or best offer. Call 402-990-5135 or e-mail wd0bfo@cox.net

ACOM - Martin: Kenwood TS-440SAT transceiver with owner & service manuals, 1988 serial number, works well, $275.00 shipped. Phone 402-710-8691 or e-mail ac0om@arrl.net

KAVEU - Steve: Kenwood HC-10 dual digital clock with copy of manual, $50.00. Phone 402-741-1742 or good on QRZ.com

November 30, 2014

WA9Z - Jim: Kenwood SP-31 speaker in the box, good condition, $90.00; Kenwood PS-52 power supply in the box, good condition, $125.00; Hallicrafters S-40B receiver, looks & works good, $75.00; all items 100% guaranteed as described; pick up in Exline IA or add shipping cost. Call 641-856-7772 or good on QRZ.com

November 23, 2014

W9QI - Tom: Drake TR-4C transceiver, hot receiver, could use new final tubes, $250.00; AC-4 power supply for Drake TR-4C, $150.00; Icom FL-101 narrow CW filter, $75.00; Yaesu YO-901 scope with manual, $275.00; Collins KWM-2A Round Emblem transceiver with 516F power supply & speaker, $1175.00; Gonset G-50 6 meter transceiver, works, with Johnson Banana mike & manual, $150.00. Call 309-796-0422 or e-mail w9qi@arrl.net



January 25, 2015

WAVRC - Bob: Timewave DSP-59 or 59+; Galaxy equipment. Call 651-764-4788 to discuss or e-mail bkemp@bobkemp.com

KBOWM - Roger: Manual for Yaesu FT-277 HT. Good on QRZ.com or contact Larry - NGMH - at 641-344-8833

December 21, 2014

WDBFO - Tom: PL board for Kenwood TS-440. Phone 402-990-5135 or e-mail wd0bfo@cox.net

KDYX - Tim: Working 572B tube(s) for a Cliperton L HF amp, any brand, any vintage, single or set size quantity. Call 701-361-5856 or email kd0yx@hotmail.com

WBF - Jim: DD-76 Swan digital display. Phone 507-248-3146 or email wb0f@yahoo.com

December 14, 2014

NGMH - Larry: Extermal VFO for National NCX-3. Phone 641-344-8833 or e-mail ljschad@windstream.net

KBEIM - Joe: 80M-10M amp. Call 515-288-3402

November 30, 2014

KEOA - Tom: Lakeshore Phasemaster II -- lowpass filter & copy of manual only. Call 218-547-1744 or e-mail k0eoa@yahoo.com


3900 Club Area Hamfest & Flea Market Information

Date Location Time Sponsor Contact
Jan. 31st Cabin Fever Reliever, American Legion Hall, Anita IA 8:00 A.M - ??? Steve - NORU
Your info may be submitted 60 days prior to event date
Contact Tom - WDBFO by phone at 402-734-0523 or e-mail him at wd0bfo@cox.net,


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