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Welcome to the home of the 3900 Club's online swap shop.

Listen in Sundays - 8:00 A.M. Central - around 3897 Khz to be first in line for these items!

Disclaimer: Because the information posted on this page is furnished to us by outside sources, neither the 3900 Club, nor its webmistress, will be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions, or misrepresentations of the merchandise listed for sale or trade, or for dates, times & places of events listed.


VE Test Schedule Dates
Walk-ins are welcome but a phone call is preferred.
Come early to fill out your 605 forms, bring 2 ID's, your original license, plus a copy, or your CSCE certificate, plus a copy of it to send in with your 605B form.
The new ARRL test fee is in effect -- $15.
Contacts for further information & forms are shown below.

S.A.R.A. - American Red Cross Bldg., 4200 War Eagle Dr., Sioux City IA

For the Year 2016 - Fridays at 6:30 P.M. (exceptions noted)

March 11th
April 29th
June 10th
July 22nd
September 2nd
October 14th
December 2nd
Contact: Gary Johnson - WYØV - by phone at 712-898-7631, or e-mail at wy0v@msn.com

B.A.R.K. - Boone County Hospital, 1015 Union St.
(meeting room behind cafeteria), Boone IA

For the Year 2015 - Saturdays at 9:00 A.M. (exceptions noted)

Information coming soon
Contact: Steve Huffman - NØNEU - by phone at 515-432-4006, or e-mail at n0neu@opencominc.com

Freeborn Co. MN VEs - Glenville Fire Department, 221 West Main St., Glenville MN

For the Year 2016 - Wednesdays at 7:00P.M. (exceptions noted)

March 15th (Tuesday)
June 15th
September 21st
December 21st
Contact: Rodger Baseman - NXØP - by phone at 507-402-5952, or e-mail at jrbaseman@gmail.com


The classified ad postings below are listed chronologically, with the most recent first, and will remain for a maximum of 60 days. PLEASE let us know when your item sells so the listing can be removed! Additions, deletions, or corrections can be e-mailed to T&S and will be posted within 24 hrs. of verification of the source.

Listings via net check-ins are preferrable; please limit them to four items, plus accessories, per week. If you cannot check into the net on Sunday morning, you may send your listing to KAØO - Doug - at ka0o@cox.net, or his callbook address, or phone him at 402-630-0744; also to WDØBFO - Tom - at wd0bfo@cox.net or his cell phone at 402-990-5135. It will be read on the air, and then it will be posted here.



January 31, 2016

KØNHV - Nick: 17" Dell monitor, USB Logistics keyboard & mouse combo, all in excellent condition, $40.00 for the lot, pickup only in Council Bluffs IA. For more info, call 402-505-2169

KDØYX - Tim: Collins 51J4/R388 receiver, very good condition, $850.00; nice EF Johnson Viking Ranger I, excellent condition, $275.00 picked up in Rapid City SD, or plus actual shipping via FedEx Ground, would consider a trade for any other radio gear, new or old. Call 701-361-5856 or e-mail kd0yx@hotmail.com for series of high resolution pictures

January 24, 2016

KBØEIM - Joe: Hitachi scope, single trace triggered, $25.00. Phone 515-288-3402

KØHKT - Steve: Heathkit HO-10 scope, HW-101 speakers & power supply, HW-5400 speaker & power supply, SB-104A station speaker & power supply, 614 scope, 634 console, HW-1680 receiver, all work well, make best offer on any item or package; also 10 other items, send inquiry if interested. E-mail at compguy12@mchsi.com

January 10, 2016

WØDJK - Don: Ten-Tec Corsair transceiver, $325.00 or best offer; Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver, non-smoker, $995.00 or best offer. Call 507-334-3187 or e-mail parkpoint1939@gmail.com

January 3, 2016

KØCQN - Rick: Dentron Jr. 300 watt tuner, $75.00. Call 712-786-1020 or e-mail kc0cqn@gmail.com

WBØWKQ - Dan: Comtek 80 meter 4 square controller, $235.00 plus shipping. Phone 641-202-6339

WØWOI - Bill: Downsizing -- considerable amount of clean, working gear of all descriptions, from Astron power supplies, antenna tuners, wattmeters, 2-meter rigs, etc. E-mail your needs to w0woi@aol.com for an inventory check

WBØVLX - Duane: Hallicrafters HT-45 Loudenboomer amp, 3-400Z tubes (approximately 450W); home-brew amp formerly owned by WØBTR, about 4' tall, very heavy to move (about 500W); pics available on both, make best offer. Call 515-297-1374 and good on QRZ.com

December 27, 2015

KØELJ - Ernie: Dentron MLA-2500 amp, needs TLC. Phone 319-987-2708

NØGVK - Curt: Kenwood TS-830S transceiver with CW filter, mint condition, recently aligned, $500.00 shipped. Call 402-788-2501

December 20, 2015

NØDQS - Gene: Heil Goldline mic, in original box, with paperwork, $85.00 plus shipping. E-mail good on QRZ.com or call 712-676-3499

NØORU - Steve: Heathkit SB-110 transceiver, works good, case needs repainting, front is good, no power supply. Phone 712-250-0600 or e-mail n0oru@arrl.net

NØHAN - Mick: Heathkit Twins HF mobile, AM/CW with AC/PS, $40.00; Unidyne ARU-251K UHF repeater with duplexer, xtals for 442.20 repeater pair, 25watt, needs tuning. Call 320-293-7707

KØHKT - Steve: Heathkit equipment -- SB-104A transceiver with matching speaker & power supply, an 8 out of 10; SB-614 station scope; SB-634 station console; HW-5400 transceiver with matching speaker & power supply; HW-101 transceiver with speaker & power supply -- all equipment works great, all pricing negotiable. Phone 515-979-0376 or e-mail good on QRZ.com

December 13, 2015

NØHAN - Mick: Rohn 25G 50' tower with fold-over section, tilt-over base, guy mounts, thrust bearing & rotor shelf, good condition, no rust, $250.00; Wavetek CT-2100 communications monitor (test equipment) with accessories, good condition, $125.00; Tektronix 475 oscilloscope, good condition, $100.00; KLM KT-34A HF beam antenna, rebuilt, good condition, still shiny, $125.00; Heathkit HA-10 1KW HF amp, good condition, 4-811 tubes, $275.00. Call 320-293-7707

KDØGES - Dale: Yaesu FL-7000 amp with manual, all cables, $1250.00. Phone 952-836-7158 or e-mail EFM4290@gmail.com

December 6, 2015

KØELJ - Ernie: (2) Kenwood TS-950 transceivers, fully loaded, with SM-230 scopes & speakers. For prices, call 319-987-2708 or e-mail ernie1553@iowatelecom.net

November 29, 2015

WA9Z - Jim: Reconditioned HF gear -- Ten-Tec Paragon transceiver, excellent, $550.00; Icom IC-701 transceiver, $275.00; Drake TR-7 transceiver, 500.00; Kenwood TS-130SE transceiver, like new, $300.00; National NC-303 receiver, pick up only, $250.00; Dentron MLA-2500 amp, full output, $750.00; Astron power supplies 12-35 amp, ask; also many project rigs -- Kenwood, Drake, Hallicrafters, National, E.F. Johnson, pics available, prefer local demo & pick up in Exline IA, ask for details. Call 641-856-7772 or e-mail jim@exlinesignal.com

W9QI - Tom: Icom IC-271A 2m all mode transceiver, $375.00; SM-6 mic, $55.00; Heathkit IG-37 vintage stereo test set with manual, looks good, pretty sure it works, $50.00. Call 309-796-0422 or e-mail w9qi@arrl.net



January 31, 2016

No new listings

January 17, 2016

WDØBFO - Tom: Two 9-pin accessory plugs for Kenwood 520/820 series radios to build cable to connect transceiver to external VFO. Phone 402-990-5135 or e-mail wd0bfo@cox.net

KØELJ - Ernie: Amp Supply LK-500, working or not. Call 319-987-2708 or e-mail ernie1553@iowatelecom.net

December 27, 2015

KBØEIM - Joe: Amp in the $400.00 price range; older CB rigs that need repair; Drake TR-3 rig for parts; Atlas mobile transceiver. Call 515-288-3402

December 13, 2015

KØELJ - Ernie: Manual for globe LA1 amp by World Radio. Call 319-987-2708

WAØVRC - Bob: TenTec Orion II. Phone 651-764-4788

NØORU - Steve: Yaesu FT-707 parts rig. Call 712-250-0600 or e-mail n0oru@arrl.net

WDØGUP - Dan: Heathkit SB-610 station monitor. Phone 651-247-2164, e-mail wd0gup@hotmail.com or good on QRZ.com

December 6, 2015

NØGMH - Larry: Palstar DL-2K dummy load. Call 641-344-8833 or e-mail ljschad@windstream.net


3900 Club Area Hamfest & Flea Market Information

Date Location Time Sponsor Contact
Your info may be submitted 60 days prior to event date
Contact Tom - WDØBFO by phone at 402-734-0523 or e-mail him at wd0bfo@cox.net,


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