Started on 5/11 with the following activities:
Vendor & pre-reg setup
Membership meeting (was at 1 PM will look at later in the day in 2019 to facilitate working folks)
Setup dinner area and had 20 people at a nice catered in dinner.
Finished setup with plenty of visiting and chatting and broke up about 9 PM

Continued 5/12 with more setup anddoors opened at 7:30/8:00 with the following activities:
Testing in the food building
DMR forum (was a no show but they did send check to cover cost of food build we had to rent to allow room for them)
ARRL forum
QCWA forum
CW Net forum (procedure for basic check into the net)
Drawings through out the day and Grand prizes TYT 9600 and Remote WX station at approx 12:00

As every year we learned a lot more and will start preparations for 2019.
If your interested in helping great, we had a lot of help this year and things went very well. If you want to be kept in the loop on where we will be next year so you can help, send your name and call to and I will start a list and with any major developments keep you informed.

Now what everybody wants to know:
We had 19 pre regester for admittance 2017 was 18
We had 104 at the door for 123 total this year.  2017 was 110
We had 25 tables and 3 tailgaters.  2017 was 17 and 5

73 Tom WD0BFO #906
Secreatry Treasurer

​In our pattern of slow and steady growth,

think we nailed it.

Was a nice year for the club.

See report below along with minutes from both meetings.

​Enjoy the pics below too.  ​ 

3900 Club

Hamboree 2Ø18 Results

General Membership Meeting     5/11/2018
Started aprox 13:30
Members and/or guests present:
Randy WY0E Presedent
Jon WA0YSL VP & Dee Food Chair
Clay W0FS Director
Margot KB0MPL
Dennis KC0PMF
Dan Radio City
Blake KE0QEU new member did our talk in.
Duane WB0VLX
Eric KB0LPI new member
That makes 13 present.

Bob K0CY brought up we need more advertising
The flier should be completed relatively early in the year or end of previous year.
Then it was brought up to use the club list available through the league to make dismemberment of fliers.  instead of relying on members to take fliers to hamfests, that's not to say they can't take them but it insure something should make it to the event. 

Not sure who brought it up but we need to change time for meeting as 1 on Friday is bad time for working folks.  Either in evening Friday or on Saturday during the hamboree and in order for that to happen we need some bodies to watch the tables and raffles so board can conduct the meeting.

Then it was brought up about next year needing 1 of 2 things to happen first the reason, the fairground facility is booked already for our weekend.  So we need to either find a new venue and keep same weekend or keep the fairground and find new weekend.  Clay is going to look into Fairway Exhibit hall and a couple other places as a TEMPORARY move for 2019.  In addition a alternate weekend will be researched in case no venue is available in our price range.  Anybody that can work with Clay in checking out some places and reviewing calendar of league for other events and try and find us a date, get hold of Clay I am sure he would like the help.

Then in same light it was brought up by me (WD0BFO) that the flier needs work, to make it more clearer on what needs to be done to preregister.  So I will give it a month (or a couple weeks) to get this year settled down then start in on that review.

Meeting adjourned about 14:30

Board Meeting     5/11/18
Started approximately 18:30
Members present:
Jon WA0YSL VP & Dee Food chair
Clay W0FS Director
Randy WY0E President
Tom WD0BFO Secretary Treasurer

More discussion about 2019 Hamboree date / location.
Alternate dates would probably be 5/31 more calendar check will be done.
Alternate locations Fairway and Farm progress were discussed and Clay will look into them or anything else that may appear to meet our needs.

2019 forums were discussed and one on fusion was talked about and will be looked into.

It was brought up that we are not 100% sure of pricing at fairgrounds for 2019 so Clay will ask next opportunity. 

Lemar's is still a go for this year and probably in October time frame.
Doug can you check your long range forecast and let us know a viable date that you may be able to attend.  Thanks.

Dee ask out of the catering coordination position and I accepted it for now.  I would like to thank you Dee for your work on that position.  Randy / Jon add that to new business for Sunday meetings and see if somebody else would be willing to take it over, I can do it and will if need be but my plate is pretty full. 

Nothing further was developing so we adjuoured at 19:05 and went back out to help with setup.