What: Hamboree 2017
Boone County Fair Grounds Community Building
1601 Industrial Park Road, Boone, IA  
(See map below)
When: May 13th 2017
Doors opened at 7:30 AM closed about 1 PM

Talk in on 146.850 (-) no tones required
Book mark the site & come back for updates.

​​We have setup the email: HAMBOREE@3900CLUB.COM 

if you can't find an answer to your questions drop us a note.

The Hamboree will end with an auction.  Time will be immediately following the Grand Prize drawing.


1. All sellers and bidders must obtain a bidder/seller number from the registration desk.

2. All items for sale shall be marked per registration desk instructions with
the seller's number and an item number and placed at the location designated for auction items by 11:30 AM.

3. The 3900 Club shall receive a 10% fee to be deducted from the seller's proceeds, with a 50 cent minimum. Items for which a minimum $2 bid is not received shall be returned to the seller at no charge. The auctioneer shall have the discretion to group together items from the same seller when a minimum bid is not obtained on the first of these items. The seller is permitted to bid on his own items. If a buyback by the seller results, the seller will pay the 50
cent minimum fee instead of a percentage, regardless of the bid amount.

4. The decision of the auctioneer in any bid dispute shall be final.

5. All items shall be paid for before removal from the Boone County Fair Grounds.

73 Hamboree 2017 Staff

Radio City has requested that if you want something specific at hamboree call them to make sure they bring it along if it is available.  

There phone numbers are 763-786-4475 or 800-426-2891

3900 Club

Grand Prize:  Yaesu FTM-3200DR 2 meter Fusion/Analog FM 

Want to help?
Interested in putting in a little time to give us a hand with Hamboree?  There are also some tasks that can be helped with prior to the event too.  Not asking for the entire time as we know you want to check things out for yourself.  But at the same time we would like to also and without any help we can't and without any help the event will never get back to a 2 day event.  If you're interested proceed to the signup page.  Thanks for your interest.

73 Tom WDØBFO #9Ø6