Welcome to the 3900 Club VE Session Page

VE Test Schedule Dates.
Walk-ins are welcome but a phone call is preferred.
Come early to fill out your 605 forms, bring 2 ID's, your original license,
plus a copy, or your CSCE certificate, plus a copy of it to send with your 605B form.
The new ARRL test fee is in effect of $15
Contacts for further information & forms are shown below.
Freeborn Co.MN VEs - Glenville Fire Department, 221 West Main St., Glenville MN 56036-9506
Time: 6:30 PM (Walk-ins allowed)
For the year 2019:
March 20th - 6:30PM
June 19th - 6:30PM
September 18th - 6:30PM
December 18th - 6:30PM
Here is the link if you need to find others: Arrl.org
Contact: Rodger Baseman - NX0P - by phone at 507-402-5952, or e-mail at jrbaseman@gmail.com

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