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12/13/20 Membership & Board minutes.

73 Tom WD0BFO S/T #906

For the life of the club.

Dear friends of the 3900 Club,
My name is Brian Duddy and my callsign is N2BTD. I am an amateur radio historian & preservationist from New York. I recently obtained a small collection of early QSL cards that were sent to William Servis of Troy, NY who held the callsign 2CUL in the early 1920’s. One of the cards in the collection was from Dick Pitner when he was a SWL in 1925. The card was mailed from Sioux City, IA on March 16th, 1925. I believe Dick became licensed around 1927 and his first callsign was W9FZO, then he became W0FZO once callsign areas were restructured.
I thought the club would enjoy seeing his card.
Brian Duddy - N2BTD
Amateur Radio Historian & Preservationist

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Marlin WA0AUX from Earlham, IA

Marlin is a regular with the 3900 club and on a lot of the traffic nets. He broke his leg and was put in Mercy Hospital. He has been transferred from Mercy hospital to Wesley Acres in Des Moines. His address:
The nurse caring for Marlin says it really makes Marlin's day to get cards and letters. So drop him a note and wish him well. I received this info on the 75M ISBN net on 7/16 and thought I would pass it along to the multitude.
73 Tom WD0BFO.

This is election year we need 3 volunteers 1 to run the nomination committee the other 2 to contact members and see if they are interested in running for office. I can supply lists and you can use email or phone. Not hard just that the board is not allowed to be on it as they are already in office. If your interested just drop a note to 3900club@3900club.com and give us your name and call, thank you for your consideration and help to get this out of the way for another 2 years.
73 Tom WD0BFO #906 S/T

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