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Welcome from the members of the 3900 Club.

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3900 Club

Information request:

I sent this request below out to all active members with email on file.  IF you did not get it then I don't have email for you.  Of the 75 I sent 3 rejected. 


The 2017 elections brought up a good point on contacting  members.

Email are slow in some cases and/or inacurate.

We would like to record your phone # and your spouses name.

This information will not be published but only used by the board and nomination committee.

Your spouses name is so we have an idea who we are talking to if / when we call.

While we are at it please if you could provide your license expiration date as you need to be current to take a office and this just gives us another verification.

You can use the form to right (since all fields are required and you don't have anything to put in just put letter A and that should take care of it.  Or just email it to me with wd0bfo@gmail.com

Thank you 73 de Tom WDØBFO #9Ø6

​3900 S/T

A bit of trivia.

A few people have asked what kind of area does 3900 Club cover?  So I ran this table on the active members of the club as of 10/15/17 and this is what I come up with.  

I also did one for all Active & Inactive and had 46 states.

73 Tom WD0BFO #906